Inspire Engagement

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Display advertising

Display advertising enables you to use rich media such as images, video and audio to communicate with customers across a variety of websites and mobile apps. Display inventory can be bought across a variety of platforms, and targeted to reach your target demographics and best customers.


social platform marketing

Social media platforms provide growing businesses with rich opportunities to engage customers and to communicate value. Our expertise in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other key social platforms ensures that we are able to get your business in front of the right customers, in formats that intrigue and delight them.

Our Approach

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platform expertise

We have bought media and advised on marketing strategy for some of the world's largest companies. With this experience in hand, we are able to ensure that you are on the right display platforms, reaching the right targets and maximizing your ROI. 

real time management

We are committed to continuous improvement of all campaigns. This is an especially important commitment when applied to Display, where a focus on impressions and broad targeting can easily lead to high spend with little bottom line impact. With Open Oceans, you know that your spend is being closely monitored, and that any spend that is not driving returns will be quickly cut.

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