Q. which mobile app attribution and analytics platforms do you use?

A. We are power users of AppsFlyer and adjust. We have used these platforms to assess performance of multiple mobile apps, and are familiar with the processes and set up required to create conversion funnels that track customers from initial clicks through to revenue events. 

With this said, we find that the building blocks of these platforms are usually very similar, and so are confident that within a week of project initiation, we will be able to build competency in any mobile app attribution and analytics platform you would like us to use. 

Q. How does your pricing work?

A. We work with every client on an individual basis to set pricing that fits their business' budgets and our growth requirements. In general, we aim to set up pricing that drives from 3 main phases of work: setup, initial optimization and scale. At all points, we aim to price at an affordable level, and to tie our compensation directly to the value that you are receiving from us. 

Please contact us today if you would like to start the process towards an initial quote and project plan.