Our Story

Open Oceans was founded on the belief that only a dedicated, entrepreneurial team can guide customers to a product and create step change growth for businesses. Our experiences with businesses around the world, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, have shown us that there is no substitute for a commitment to excellence and expertise, especially when trying to drive engagement with new customers or clients.

Seeing that this commitment was not the norm in the digital marketing space, Trent Tyler and Ben Gaston started Open Oceans with a vision to drive new conversations between exciting businesses and enthusiastic customers. Open Oceans starts these conversations by tailoring an online presence that showcases your business’ unique value, and engages with customers in the contexts where they are most likely to build new relationships. Our unique expertise in the digital marketing space is coupled with a deep understanding of what success looks and feels like in a growth-focused business.

We aim to continuously improve on this expertise to build an unmatched understanding of customer behavior and client value.

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Ben Gaston


Ben is a globally-minded entrepreneur who is passionate about driving innovation in business relationships and customer service. He believes that the key to a great business is ensuring that all stakeholders have a consistently enjoyable experience working together towards a shared goal. 

Ben left Bain & Company in 2013 to join a South African investment fund that provided equity capital and management consulting to small businesses owned by people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Through this work, Ben managed marketing and business development strategy for over 30 businesses, eventually managing a portfolio with upwards of $1M in assets under management. 


Trent tyler


Trent Tyler is a savvy digital marketer and a firm believer that businesses of all sizes and growth stages can effectively advertise online if they execute creatively and efficiently.

Trent recently spent five years at Google advising both advertisers and agencies on digital strategy. He managed Search, YouTube, and Display accounts for some of Google's largest advertisers ($20M+ in quarterly revenue), performed optimizations on high-profile Google products, and helped hundreds of small and medium business owners drive revenue growth through digital channels.